Paradise Reclaimed 1

Paradise Reclaimed is a series of sculptures carved in reclaimed pieces of marble, recovered from the scrap that lies around Italian workshop yards. 

This piece turns out to be a fine example of Nero Marguinia.

Paradise Reclaimed 2

The title of the series points to the astonishing beauty of what lay hidden in the scrap material, now no longer lost to us. The title also references John Milton's epic poems, 'Paradise Lost' and 'Paradise Regained' and to the second Genesis story (2:4-2:25) from the Hebrew Bible. 

This work uses a more fractured piece of Nero Marguinia.

Paradise Reclaimed 3

Each piece in the series has its aesthetic foundations in the circle and it is intended that the variegations of the marble suggest something of the complexity of the human mind as well as something universal or elemental in the material world. 

This is a lovely piece of Portoro marble, a dull, uninteresting grey before being worked.